Vote Yes for transportation

Ensure Transportation Dollars are used for Transportation

Five things to know about the transportation measure on the November 2014 ballot:

  • This amendment to constitutionally protect the transportation fund is just common sense. Wisconsin's economy can't grow without a healthy transportation network. The gas tax and vehicle registration fees we all pay were always intended to fund the upkeep of the system.
  • Most states have constitutional language limiting the use of transportation revenues.
  • The push for the amendment began and remains a grassroots, bipartisan movement. The coalition, which worked to have this item on the ballot, includes local governments, private businesses, organized labor, transportation associations, regional planning interests, housing organizations and many other groups.
  • Experience has shown that state laws to safeguard user fees don't work. Wisconsin, in fact, has statutory language limiting the use of transportation user fee revenue to transportation purposes. That did not prevent the diversion of approximately $1.4 billion over the better part of a decade. An amendment to the constitution should provide the necessary firewall.
  • The Wisconsin Legislature passed a joint resolution in two consecutive sessions to place this item before the voters. Both times, the item passed by an overwhelming margin and with bipartisan support.

The proposed constitutional amendment on the November 2014 ballot does nothing more than require the legislature use transportation user fee revenue for transportation purposes.

Vote YES on November 4, 2014 to get what we expected: Our gas tax and vehicle registration fee dollars for transportation.

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